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Language & Literacy

Speech and Language Screening Grades K-5
Answer Why Questions and formulate sentences with the word becuase
How Questions Problem Solution Matching
Paragraph Puzzles Hands on learning with scrambled paragraphs

Paragraph Puzzles File Folder Activity Students learn about the important components of paragraph writing through a hands-on, visually organized activity. This printable is easy to assemble and includes a followup writing task, a graphic organizer, and a handy "paragraph helpers" chart. Learn more

Descriptive Language Packet. Help students expand sentences and incorporate adjectives
How to Give An Example

How to Give an Example: Why is the concept of giving an example so difficult for students? For some, it is a lack of foundation skills such as identifying main idea and details, limited vocabulary or poor sentence structure (to name a few). This collection of activities targets these skills through a scaffolded, visual, hands-on approach. All activities are designed to fit into one binder to help group sessions run smoothly. Learn More

Writing strategies for struggling learners

Let's Write: Tools to Support Struggling Writers  A Printable designed with young writers in mind! Uniquely illustrated visual designed to help students through the writing process. Learn more​

Compare Contrast Cover 8_23_21.png
Character Traits
Strategy Center Visual Supports for Struggling Learners
Sentence Stretchers Help students use conjunctions and expand sentences
Guess Where
Scene a Sentence

Scene A Sentence - Create a picture scene and write about it.  Help students use "wh" strategy to expand their sentences. Learn more

Hands on Sentences Interactive Word Wall
Links & Transitions Hands on Learning
Read and Match Pronouns he she they in simple sentences

Read & Match Pronouns in Short Sentences​   Match photos to simple sentences. This card game consists

of 36 sets of “he/she/they”picture-sentence pairs. Also features visually organized board and 2 follow-up writing activities.

Learn more

Early Language Concepts Hands on Entence Building File Folder Bundle

Early Language Concepts and Simple Sentence Building Activities 

Help make language concepts visual and provide students with opportunities to engage and verbalize.

Each file folder activity in this set helps address a multitude of expressive and receptive language goals including

increasing mean length of utterance, improving comprehension, requesting, classifying and so much more. Learn More

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