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Answering Why Questions
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Help students respond to "WHY" questions and formulate sentences using the word "because".
What's included?

Activity Cards 54 illustrated cards (27 why/because pairs). The "why" cards feature a simple question such as "Why are the kids wearing swimsuits?" The "because" cards feature a logical answer "they are going to the beach" . Students are encouraged to find pairs via a memory or concentration game. When they find a pair, they will be able to create a sentence with the word "because" in the middle. "The kids are wearing swimsuits because they are going to the beach" (see the full list of sentences in the preview). 
Card Backers with the words "why" and "because" to help create a structured learning activity.
Self-Monitoring Tool Students place a pair of cards on this "sentence checker" and determine if the sentence they've collected makes sense (photo available in preview). 
 •Collect-a-Sentence A template designed to motivate students to write the sentences on the cards they collect. Available in color and B&W.
Worksheet: Connect Questions and Answers (Pictures) Draw a line between question and logical response. Includes picture clues.
Worksheet: Connect Questions and Answers (text) Draw a line between question and logical response. Text only.
Worksheet: Answer Why Questions Students formulate sentences to respond to "why" questions about short sentences. Includes 4 sentences and illustrations.
Worksheet: "More Than One Answer" Cut and Paste This worksheets features a table with 3 questions. Below the table there are 9 responses (3 for each question) students may cut and paste or write the response in the table. 
Worksheet: "Because" and "So" This worksheet encourages students to rewrite sentence with the word "because" into sentences using "so". For example "Rony went to the doctor because he felt sick" rewritten as "Rony felt sick so he went to the doctor"

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