Speech and Articulation Visual Cues  Printable meters with manipulable components help students visualize and self-monitor speaking rate, volume, and intelligibility. Includes illustrations of the mouth in a vriety of articulation positions. Learn more

auditory discrimination /k/ and /t/

Listening Lions Listen for /g/ & /d/ Here they go again! this time listening for minimal pairs /g/ and /d/. This printable is filled with adorable illustrations as well as Listening Lion stick puppets and an informative followup letter to caregivers. Help target phonological process of fronting. Use for articulation practice or auditory discrimination tasks Learn More.

Listening Lions Listen for /s/ & /t/  This activity is based on minimal pairs /s/ and /t/ and can be used for both auditory discrimination and articulation practice. Your students will love making their Listening Lion puppets "jump" onto target words.. Learn More.

Facilitate "R" at Home A printable that describes 10 ways caregivers my help students achieve articulation goals.  Learn More

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