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Visual Cues for Speech and Articulation
Visual Cues for Speech and Articulation

Visual cues and prompts designed to support students with speech and articulation difficulties. This printable includes: 

Sound Placement and Speech Articulation Cues
cards depicting pictures of mouth movements necessary for the sound production of "p,b,m" "w" "l" "k,g" "f,v" "t,d"  "n" "s" "th" "sh" "s" and "r". The cards are double sided. The back features stimulus words and pictures for each target sound (5 initial, 5 medial, 5 final).

Volume Meter features child friendly illustrations “loud” and “quiet” Arrow can be attached with a paper clip and moved up and down.
Rate features adorable rabbit and turtle that help encourage accurate speaking speed. The rabbit and the turtle can also be moved if they are taped to a paper clip and then attached to the card. Students will enjoy moving them as they practice "fast" and "slow" speech.
Pace and clarity "one word at a time" visual cues encourage sound segmentation and clear articulation.
Fluency Awareness features 3 cars each traveling a different road. Designed to help students who stutter discuss "smooth" vs "bumpy" and "stuck" speech.
Speech Helpers A child-friendly illustration featuring speech anatomy including lungs, voice box, lips, teeth, tongue, nose, ears and brain.

All the cards are 2.6x7 inches and feature a tab for easy access. 
Note: This product is also sold as part of our Strategy Center 


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