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Strategy Center: Visual Cues to Support Struggling Learners

Super Sentence Heroes

Differentiation made easy with Over 30 tried and true visual strategies designed to support struggling learners. Convenient, color-coded storage pockets will make it easy to pull out the right strategy for the right student. Whether you are looking to freshen up your bag of tricks or need a creative display to showcase the important work you do, you will love this center. Board is "12x28". Most strategies are 6.5"x 2.5" 


* 6 color pockets, labeled "attention & listening" (blue), "Expressive Language and Conversation" (purple), "Reading" (green), "Writing" (yellow), Speech and Articulation (red) "Home and School Connect" (pink).* Illustrated "Strategy Center" sign (3.2 x 10).


•Sound Out Boxes: Help students understand sound segmentation. Encourage students to use their finger to "tap out" sounds and spell independently

•Alphabet Strip Cue Card: Beginning sound clipart.  

•Writing Process Timeline: Adorably illustrated cue card with movable arrow encourages reluctant writers to follow through on the writing process.

•Paragraph Helpers Cue Card:  Key words and phrases that help students understand various strategy components "opening" "supporting details" and "closing".

•Editor's Checklist: Help students self-monitor and self correct.

•Super Sentence Cue Card: Help students use "wh" strategy to formulate and expand sentences (The small version of our bigger Super Sentence Heroes product


•Bounce & Slide Decoder Use picture of trampoline and slide to "bounce" (segment) and "slide" blend difficult words. 

•Stretchy Snake Use this visual to encourage students to segment then blend sounds to decode words. 

•Detail Detector Hand-held window designed to motivate students to search for, and discuss, pertinent details in text. Note: the detail detector in this bundle is green. More colors are available for FREE

•Key Word Catcher Small hand-held window. Motivate students to search for, and discuss, key words in text, particularly in word problems. Works well when attached to a craft stick. Note: the Key Word Catcher in this bundle is green. A set of additional colors is available for $1.95

•Story Stick Illustrated cutouts can be placed sequentially on Velcro strip as students discuss important story elements "character" "setting" "problem and solutions" "important event" and "my favorite part. Note: the Story Stick is a smaller version of our "Story Stickers"


•Conversation Turn-Taking Pattern Strip: A tool design to make turn-taking visual by creating a pattern. Let's Discuss Prompt Ring that support conversational skills

•Let's Discuss: Partial scripts that will help students engage in academic discussion. Target a variety of skills including recalling, asking questions, expressing opinions, and including others in a discussion. 

•"Let's Describe" Prompts Encourage use of 5 sense strategy when describing. Each strip on this ring list adjectives according to "one of the five senses. Place on a ring for easy access.  

•"Describe with WHs" Cue card that will help students describe an object by considering "wh" questions. ("who uses it?", "what does it do?" "Where is it found?" "When is it used?" etc).

•Compare & Contrast Support Cues. Help students formulate comparative sentence using sentence frames and key phrases. Place on a ring for easy access.


•Volume Awareness Meter Increase awareness of vocal volume with visual cues and movable arrow.

•Rate of  Speech Awareness: Increase awareness of speaking rate with movable turtle and rabbit cutouts .

•"One sound at a time" visual cues Encourage sound segmentation and clear articulation.

•Sound Placement and Speech Articulation Cues  11 cards depicting mouth movements necessary for the sound production of "l" "k,g" "f,v" "t,d,n"  "a" "p,b,m" "s" "th" "sh" "s"

Note: The contents of the red pocket are available for $4.00 as Visual Cues for Speech and Articulation 


•Star Chart Simple behavior chart depicting 5 yellow stars and star outlines. Add a star to the outline when a student demonstrates positive behavior.

 •"Yes We Can" Behavior Chart support positive behavior within a small group. Students earn "letters for the team" and spell out a motivational phrase. 

•"I Can!" Behavior Chart Support positive behavior with an individualized chart that spells out a motivational phrase. 

•"My To-Do List" Child friendly to-do list (both lined an unlined versions included). Creating an individualized written schedule may help reduce anxiety and encourage organization and self monitoring. We've also included and the same type of list with the heading "Today in Speech" for students attending speech therapy.

•Speaking in Class Visual Cue A visual cue depicting steps to follow when participating in class discussions "think", "raise your hand", "wait", and "speak". Intended to help the student who frequently calls out and rarely raises his/her hand. Both girl and boy graphics included  (Also available separately $1.25). 

•"Did I Try My Best to Focus?"  Self monitoring checklist. 


•Show What You Know (or "show off") Card & "Teach a Grownup"  TWO adorably illustrated, open-ended homework assignments that encourage students to discuss what they've learned with parents and caregivers (Also available in color full page form $1.95)

•"Speaking of Reading" Card.  Encourage students to discuss and answer questions about what they read, A great addition to any reading log, especially for those students who need to strengthen verbal narrative abilities. This card is also part of product titled Speaking of Reading: An Exercise in Expressive Language, which includes a parent-friendly article.

•"Let's Talk Cards" A tool for caregivers and teachers to help children expand conversation skills

.•Home and School Connect Illustrated note card.

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