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Bulletin Boards

"Who Am I? Bulletin Board Display A dynamic activity that helps students use adjectives and develop descriptive sentences. The interactive nature of this bulletin board provides many communication opportunities. Easy to use printable template Learn more

Descriptive Language Skill Building Pack  Adjectives, descriptions and details oh my! This packet will help students identify and use adjectives as well as expand sentences both verbally and in writing.  It will also make an adorable bulletin board display. includes "describers checklist" and visual support encouraging use of 5-sense stategy.   Learn more​

Character Trait Vocabulary Bundle Help students identify and describe character traits with a variety of differentiated activities including this adorable bulletin board display. Learn more​

Super Sentence Heroes Help students use "wh" strategy to expand their sentences. In addition to differentiated graphic organizers and mini posters, this printable includes everything you need to create a great bulletin board.  Learn more

Heard of herd bulletin board cover.png
sea of homophones cover.png

We Got the Scoop on Figures of Speech  Learning about figurative language is so much fun especially with this adorable bulletin board-ready activity. Ice cream shaped printable encourages students to illustrate idioms, talk about what they really mean, and use them in sentences. Available in color or black and white. Also includes a followup homework assignement. Learn more


More Decor

preposition puppies cover2.png

Preposition Puppies Printable Poster  Have fun teaching spatial concepts with this interactive dispaly.

The puppies are detachable. Students will enjoy placing the  puppies on the poster as they learn preposition words. Learn more

Visual cues to support struggling learners
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Fall signs cover.png
Spring Signs Cover.png
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