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Preposition Puppies Make & Take Poster

Have fun teaching spatial concepts. This printable can be used as a file folder task or displayed as an interactive poster in your room. 

What's Included?
• Background scenes featuring doghouses (one with a ladder), bones, and a log.​ Note: Pieces for the log and one of the houses need to be attached with Velcro so that the puppies can be moved "behind" and "through".
Preposition words strategically incorporated into scenery include "in" "on" "next to" "behind" "in front" "top" "bottom" "under" "between" and "through". 
• 10 illustrated puppies.
• Template with black & white puppies to help with organization and differentiation.
• Easy to follow instructions.
• Followup worksheet (location words - fill in the blank)

For best results lamination and Velcro are necessary.

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