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Teach strategies to identify a setting in text and describe a setting in writing. This printable features a variety of differentiated activities and everything you need to create an interactive bulletin board. 

What's included?
1. "Where Am I?" a Reading Comprehension Exercise: 5 passages each describing a different setting. The passages encourage students to use details from text to make inferences about a setting. The settings described are a garden, a supermarket, a circus, the dentist's office, and a swimming pool. Introducing these passages as a “guessing game” is a great way begin a lesson.
2. "All About Setting Graphic Organizer" teaches use of the 5-sense strategy to help students add details to their writing.
3. "Guess Where?" An Exercise in Descriptive Writing. Motivate students to incorporate details when they write to describe a "mystery setting".
4. "Guess Where? Banner (2 8x11 sheets). Use to enhance your bulletin board.
5. "Where Am ?" Mini Poster (8x11) use for smaller bulletin boards.
6. Activity Description - use to enhance your bulletin board.
7. Question Mark "Flaps" attach to writing activity to create an interactive experience. 
8. five-senses chart - A table that will help students list the "text clues" based on the five senses. It may also help students organize their thoughts before writing their own passage.
9. A simplified version of the five-sense graphic organizer that will support differentiation

Note This product is also available as part of a money saving package 
Guess What, Guess Who, Guess Where, A Descriptive Language Bundle

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"Guess Where?" Identify and Describe a Setting.
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