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Super Sentence Heroes

Formerly titled Super Sentence Heroes, this product now includes new sentence building activities. Kids will be able to use manipualtives to create a picture scene and then write a sentence (or a story) about it. The items in this packet are designed to help students understand "who?" "what?" "where?" and "when?"questions. You'll be able create engaging small group lessons such as teaching use of "wh" words as a sentence expansion strategy. 
What's included?
Template and manipulatives that will allow kids to build their own picture scene in a unique "picture maker" window. Side panel and binder cover are available as well. 
•"Who" pictures 20 character cutouts: 2 superheroes (a boy and a girl), witch, fairy, astronaut, troll, pirate, king, wizard, magician, doctor, farmer, dog, boy, girl, construction worker, doctor, mail carrier, police officer, chef. 
•"What" pictures 53 cutouts of common objects. Images are designed to elicit use of verbs in a sentence (see photo in product preview or video above).
• "Where" pictures 16 images of various backgrounds and settings (farm, city, island, under the sea, outer space, gingerbread house, tree house, castle, circus, playground, classroom, gym, auditorium, living room, kitchen and bedroom) . 
•"When" frames 12 frames may be attached above the picture depict the concept of "when". 11 of the frames show seasons, time of day and special occasions (winter, spring, fall, sunny day, stormy day, night, birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah and Valentine's Day, (Once you print, cut out center and laminate for "window" effect). 1 frame features a clock with hands that can be attached with Velcro and manipulated.
Word Bank separated by tabs that depict "wh" words". This Word Bank contains vocabulary that corresponds to the images in the Scene A Sentence Binder
Word Finder Tool A strip of laminated paper with a "window" helps struggling readers and writers to focus on the word the need by covering the other words on the list.The Word Bank template includes a space where this tool can be attached and stored for easy access. 
5 differentiated graphic organizers allow different levels of sentence expansion. These include charts "who/what/where/when" with and without visuals as well as organizers that include a space for "describing words" and illustrating a sentence.
Detailed assembly instructions 
Super Hero Themed activity Set This set includes the following:
1)Super Hero Sentence Template: Students write a sentence and create their own superhero (A great final project after engaging sentence expansion lesson).
2)Superhero themed graphic organizers.
3)String of Stars Illustrated Frame: A perfect place for students to draw a picture of their sentence. The frame includes word art "Connecting Illustration and Text"
4)Super Sentence Hero Checklist (color and black and white) original graphics feature Super Sentence Girl and Super Dog. Help students learn how to self-monitor their own writing. 
5)Activity Description to enhance your bulletin board display.
6) Mini Poster (8x10 printer paper sheet) to enhance your bulletin board display. 

Prep-Worthy Product once assembled can be used and reused for endless language building sessions. For Best Results you will need a 1 inch binder with a plastic cover as well as lamination and Velcro.
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