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Adjectives, descriptions and details oh my! This packet will help students identify and use adjectives as well as expand sentences both verbally and in writing. 

Adjectives, descriptions and details oh my! This packet will help students identify and use adjectives as well as expand sentences both verbally and in writing. 

What's included?
"Describe with the 'WH' Strategy" Graphic Organizers
"Describe with 5-Sense Strategy" Graphic Organizer
"Let's Describe" Cue Cards on a Ring: 2.6x7.02 inches and can be stored on a ring for easy access. They are available to purchase separately here or as part of our Strategy Center. These cue cards support descriptive language with the following strategies:
1. Using Adjectives: illustrated reminder for students to use words that describe shape, size, color and feeling.
2. Using the 5-Senses: Word cards that provide students with vocabulary based on the five senses. Cards are divided according to sense "looks like" "sounds like"smells or tastes" "feels (touch)" "feels (emotions)". Tabs with matching illustrations were added to make it easier for students to find the right word list.
3. Category Vocabulary: List of 20 categories (animals, clothes etc.) intended to support students as they initiate a description. 
4. Adding Details: Cue cards that encourage use of relevant questions ("what color?" "What category?" "Does it have special parts?" etc) Great for descriptive language activities such as barrier games.
• "Clue It" An interactive activity where students guess what's on their partners' "magnifying-glass shaped card cards by asking questions and collecting "clues". Includes 40 illustrated cards of common objects. The activity also includes a "detective pad" with a list of questions students may ask.
Worksheet Adjective Search Consists of 11 sentences. Students underline the adjectives (black and white). 
Worksheets and Graphic Organizer Listing Adjectives An item in a circle with lines around it to fill in the describing words. Includes pictures of ice cream, apple and puppy as well as a blank graphic organizer. 
Worksheet Use 3 Adjectives to describe one item: Fill in the blank sentences. (color and black and white).
Writing Template With Prompts "the clues are" and "the conclusion is". 
Question mark "flaps" Attach to the writing piece to create an interactive effect (red or black and white).
Guess What?" sign for bulletin board display "Guess What? We Understand and Use Descriptive Language" (8x10 US paper). 
Activity Description for Bulletin Board Informative sign describing the writing activity and the goals it intended to achieve. 
"Let's Describe" Adjective Chart lists adjectives according to the five senses. It is a helpful tool for those students who struggle to retrieve words independently.
File Folder Activity 1: Matching adjective word cards to animals. 
File Folder Activity 2: Matching adjective word cards to foods 

Note: This product is also available as part of a money-saving package Guess Who?, Guess What?, Guess Where?, A Descriptive Language Bundle
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The word "describe" is part of our interactiveWords to Explore Academic Vocabulary Poster, a display that is surly a great addition to any classroom. It's interactive components (movable word stars) help facilitate discussion about academic vocabulary.

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Descriptive Language Skill Building Pack
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