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Character Trait Vocabulary and Comprehension Skill Building Pack

Help students identify and describe character traits with a variety of differentiated activities. Includes template for creating an adorable bulletin board. 

What's included?
Visual Cue Booklet: Cue cards (2.64 x 7.02 inches) on a ring include graphics for outer vs. inner traits, character trait vocabulary (picture cues), illustrated cards featuring synonyms for commonly character trait words (brave, nice, mean, smart and funny), 9 sentence frames that will help expand sentences and utilize vocabulary. 
• 24 character trait word cards and graphic organizer: perfect for facilitating "acting out" and observations activities. The graphic organizer is designed to help students make connections between actions observed and the inferred character traits. It's available with a pink background or in black and white. 
• "The Character in Me" Writing Template: An open ended writing activity that encourages students to write about the trait(s) that best describe them. Two versions of this template are available, both are lined and one includes sentence starters.
• Inner and Outer Character Trait Cut Outs: Perfect for creating a character writing craftivity. These figures will support any activity that targets understanding of external and internal character traits.
• Bulletin Board Enhancer "Got Character?" mini poster (one page 8x11) designed to enhance your bulletin board display.
Word to Picture Match File Folder May also be used as a cut/paste. Features 8 illustrations of the same character engaging in different actions. There are two levels of vocabulary for each illustration. For example the superhero picture matches the words "brave" and "heroic". The clown picture matches the word "silly" and "humorous".
Character Analysis: Charts that will help students differentiate between observed and inferred character traits. This graphic organizer prints in several versions. Some featuring illustrations (giant, fairy, witch) as well as blank form to add any character you wish. The organizer includes visual symbols and prompts. On one side "what does the character look like, say and do?" on the other side "How does the character think and feel?"
Inferring Character Traits: Reading Comprehension Worksheets: 2 worksheets 6 short passages that encourage students to identify characters' actions and make inferences about traits (3 passages per page with character traits word bank presented at top of each page).
Guess My Character Trait: Simplified Reading Comprehension Task Students use text clues to identify character traits. Includes original speech2teach illustrations and word bank.
Who Did What? Draw a line between a character trait word and a phrase that describes a typical action (eg. the word "bossy" connects to the phrase "always tells others what to do")
Who Said What? Draw a line between a character trait word and a phrase that describes typical dialogue (eg. the word "clumsy" connects to the phrase "Ouch I bumped into the chair again").

Note: If you are reading the book "The Way I Act" by Steve Metzger, this printable contains perfect follow-up tasks.
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