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Keys to Our Success Bulletin Board

Keys to Success Bulletin Board

3 differentiated templates will help encourage students to discuss and write about their favorite learning strategies.  An important component of this activity is a guided discussion that will helps kids understand different learning styles, practice setting goals and making plans to achieve them.   


What's included?
1) 3 different templates: meet 3 different writing levels.
2) Banner "keys to our success open doors to learning" (prints on 2 8x10 sheets).
3) Activity description to enhance your bulletin board display.

Ways to use:
There are several ways to engage students in this activity. Here are some suggestions:
1) Large group activity: Engage in a discussion then use the writing templates to create the bulletin board. 
2) Positive Reinforcement: Add keys gradually. Whenever you "catch" a student displaying positive learning behaviors, point it out and write about it on a key.
3) Personal key ring: Use the template on page 3 (simplest). Work with students individually to create a ring with 3-4 keys each serving as a reminder to use a specific learning strategy.

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