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Learning about figurative language can be so much fun especially with this adorable bulletin board-ready activity. This ice cream shaped printable encourages students to illustrate idioms, talk about what they really mean, and use them in a sentence or story.


What's included?
* 2 Ice cream shaped graphic organizers (black and white or colored version).
* Ice cream truck sign "We Got the Scoop on Figures of Speech" to enhance your bulletin board (8x10 u.s. paper)
* Activity description sign providing information about this activity and the goals it intended to achieve (It's a time saver! Just add it to your bulletin board). 
* List of 35 figures of speech that to get your discussion going.
* List of picture books that will likely support your lessons about figurative language.
*Followup homework assignement "Share the Scoop about Figures of Speech" This handout encourages students to share information about what they have learned with a grownup at home. Serves as both an opportunity to review as well as a a chance to let caregivers know about what you are working on.

Related Picture Books:
More Parts by Tedd Arnold 
Butterflies in My Stomach and other School Hazards by Serge Bloch 
In a Pickle byMarvin Terban Illustrated by Giulio Maestro 
Birds of a Feather: A Book of Idioms and Silly Pictures by Vanita Oelschlager, Robin Hegan 
Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

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We Got the Scoop on Figures of Speech
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