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How Questions: Problem-Solution Matching
How Questions

Help students respond to HOW questions and formulate sentences using the word "by"

What's Included?

Activity Cards 54 illustrated cards (27 how/by pairs). The "how" cards feature basic questions such as "How will Kayla get to school?" The "by" cards feature a logical answers such as "riding the bus". Cards are 3x3

Card Backers: The download includes 2 versions - one with "backers" blue “how” and green “by.” These can be folded to create double sided cards. 

The second version is an ink and paper saver. It features the same cards but doesn't include the colorful "backers"

"Sentence Checker" Self-Monitoring Tool Students may place a pair of cards on this 4.5x8 mat and determine if the two cards they picked form a cohesive sentence (see photo in preview).

Conversation Circle: Double sided tool features light bulb on one side (touch if you can think of another way to solve the problem) and sentence starters on the other side to help verbalize or write the idea.

Collect-A-Sentence: Graphic organizer that supports sentence expansion and organization. Encourage students to write the sentences their matching sentences form.

5 Differentiated Worksheets:

1. Problem Solution Match: Draw a line picture to picture. 

2. Problem-Solution Match Draw a Line Sentence to Sentence

3. Answer "how" questions features simple sentence and visual cue.

4. More Than One Answer Cut and Paste: features a chart with 3 questions. Below the chart there are 9 responses (3 for each question) students cut/paste or write the response.

5. Answer How Questions about a story: features a short passage about a woman who lost her dog and 3 “how” questions. 

Some Ways to Play:

Students are encouraged to find pairs via games such as concentration or memory. My personal favorite is providing one student with “how” cards and the other with “by” pile. As we yell "1-2-3 flip! They flip their cards simultaneously and work together to figure out if they can form a logical sentence

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