Enhance academic vocabulary one step at a time. This interactive poster is a great way to start discussions about thinking and learning. It is also a means to strengthen language-based learning skills.  


Students will enjoy moving each star a step up the ladder whenever they complete the language tasks.The steps on the ladder each encourage a different level of language ability "read the word and say the word", "write it", "find out what it means", "talk about it and share what you know".


What's included?

1) Words to Explore Poster (colorful, prints on 2 8x10 sheets, attach and laminate).

2) Small black and white version (1 8x10)

3) 11 stars with printed words "describe", "predict", "persuade", "strategy", "goal", "paragraph", "compare & contrast", "discuss", "evidence", "detail", and "example"

4) Template with blank stars to add your own.

5) Word Explorer's Checklist - supports self monitoring and metalinguistic skills.


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Words to Explore Academic Vocabulary Poster

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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