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Paragraph Puzzles File Folder Activity

Students learn about the important components of paragraph writing through this hands-on activity. This printable includes everything you need to create a hands on learning activity that will help students identify and use the different sentences within a paragraph:

• 6 color coded paragraphs. These paragraphs vary in complexity and are appropriate for grades 2-5 The following titles are included:

*How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae (purple)

*Protecting the Environment (green)

*Taking Care of A Puppy (blue)

*Clown Time A Movie for the Entire Family (pink)

*Why I Like Art Class (yellow)

*Being Responsible (Orange)

• Template teaching the crucial components of paragraph writing: opening (topic sentence), 3 supporting details, and closing.

• Black and white version of each paragraph

• Followup writing activity "create your own paragraph puzzle"

•"Paragraph Helpers Chart features suggested vocabulary for opening phrases, supporting words, transition words, and closing phrases.•Answer Key

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