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Linkning Words and Transition Words: Hands on Learning

Linking words and transitions words are important components of any paragraph. These puzzles help students understand appropriate ways to use such words through hands-on practice. Each puzzle features a "fill in the blank" paragraph. To complete the puzzle, students will have to read the paragraph and determine the appropriate linking words to use. The puzzle pieces (word cards) include words such as "first" "next" "finally" "because" "including" "such as" "for example", "for instance", "According to", "Based on", "Evidence shows", "One reason", "another reason", "one way" "in conclusion" "in closing" "while" "also" and more.  

<strong>What's included?</strong>
• 16 printable word puzzles ranging in length and complexity (see titles below).
•  1 "fill in the blanks" using linking words in sentences or short phrases, 
•  3 "fill in the blank" using linking words and transition words in paragraphs.   
• Answer keys for all puzzles and worksheets
• Instructions and helpful tips.
Paragraph titles include:
    * How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich  (Procedural/sequencing) 
    * How to Make a Smoothie (Procedural/sequencing)
    * Tomatoes into Ketchup (Procedural/sequencing)
    * Class Trip (personal experience/sequencing)
    * Pizza Palace (persuasive)
    * Superhero Adventures The Best Movie Ever (persuasive)
    * My Own Room (Persuasive)
    *My Favorite Sport (opinion)
    *My Favorite Season (opinion)
    *More Recess (researched opinion)
    * Grandma's House (opinion/personal narrative)
    *When I Grow Up (personal narrative)
    *Alligators vs Crocodiles (compare and contrast)
    *Like Brothers (compare and contrast)
    *Tyrannosaurus Rex (informational)
    *Abraham Lincoln (informational)

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