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Help students learn to describe an object, a person, or a setting with a variety of differentiated activities. Also includes templates for creating 3 different interactive bulletin boards. In this bundle you will find 3 of our favorite products (If purchased separately these would total more than $7.00)

Guess Who Interactive Bulletin Board, Descriptive Language Skill Building Pack , and Guess Where? Identify and Describe a Setting 

About the products in this Bundle

Descriptive Language: Skill Building Pack
Motivate your students to use adjectives and add descriptive details. This bundle of fun activities also includes a template for creating an inteactive bulletin board. makes a great interactive bulletin board display. 


  • "Describe with the 'WH' Strategy" Graphic Organizers

  •  "Describe with 5-Sense Strategy" Graphic Organizer

  • "Clue It" An interactive activity where students guess what's on their partners' picture cards by asking questions and collecting "clues" 40 cards that are adorably illustrated and shaped as magnifying glasses. The activity also includes a "detective pad" with a list of questions students may ask.

  •  Adjective Search: Worksheet consisting of 11 sentences. Students underline the adjectives. 

  • writing prompt and graphic organizer "the clues are" and "the conclusion is". 

  • Interactive question mark flaps (red or black and white)

  • "Let's Describe" - A chart that lists adjectives according to the five senses. It is a helpful tool for those students who struggle to retrieve words independently.

  • "Describer's Checklist" a helpful list for students to use when they are writing or when engaging in an interactive barrier game.

  • Display Sign "Guess What? We Understand and Use Descriptive Language" (8x10 US paper). This sign is adorably illustrated and is intended to enhance your bulletin board display.

  • Informative sign describing this activity and the goals it intended to achieve. Also designed to enhance a bulletin board.


Guess Who Interactive Bulletin Board
Through this activity students learn to write descriptive sentences, provide relevant information, and make decisions based on text clues. They also learn to incorporate adjectives and attributes into their writing. This bulletin board is hands on. It provides ample opportunities for students to learn about, and interact with, their peers. 

What's included?

  • Writing template page structured for student writing and illustration. 

  • Movable question mark flap (blue or black and white)

  • "Guess Who?" banner (2 standard 8x11 printer sheets) to enhance your bulletin board display. 

  • Activity Description with colorful boarder to enhance your display.

Guess Where? Identify and Describe a Setting 
Teach strategies to identify a setting in text and describe a setting in writing. This printable features a variety of differentiated activities and everything you need to create an interactive bulletin board. 

What's included?

  • "Where Am I?" a Reading Comprehension Exercise: 5 passages each describing a different setting. The passages encourage students to use details from text to make inferences about a setting. The settings described are a garden, a supermarket, a circus, the dentist's office, and a swimming pool. Introducing these passages as a “guessing game” is a great way begin a lesson.

  • "All About Setting Graphic Organizer" teaches use of the 5-sense strategy to help students add details to their writing.

  • "Guess Where?" An Exercise in Descriptive Writing. Motivate students to incorporate details when they write to describe a "mystery setting".

  • "Guess Where? Banner (2 8x11 sheets). Use to enhance your bulletin board.

  • "Where Am ?" Mini Poster (8x11) use for smaller bulletin boards.

  •  Activity Description - use to enhance your bulletin board.

  •  Question Mark "Flaps" attach to writing activity to create an interactive experience. 

  • five-senses chart - A table that will help students list the "text clues" based on the five senses. It may also help students organize their thoughts before writing their own passage.

  •  A simplified version of the five-sense graphic organizer that will support differentiation

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"Guess Where?" Identify and Describe a Setting.
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