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Back to School Speech & Language Activity Set

Speech and Language activities with a back to school theme

What's included:
4 sequencing card sets with follow-up worksheets The cards depict 4 school-related scenes (getting ready for school, eating snack, drawing a picture, and playing with play doh). The worksheets depict the same scenes (black and white) with cut and paste sentences as well as transition words "first" "next" "then" "finally". Use the lines next to each picture to paste a transition word and a sentence, or encourage students to write their own .
Build A Sentence 4 pages featuring 1 picture per page. Below each picture is a scrambled sentence. Pictures include a boy riding a school bus, a girl putting a book in a backpack, a boy drawing a picture and a girl eating snack.
Answer and Ask "WH" Questions 4 worksheets encouraging students to answer "who" "what" "when" and "where" questions and 4 worksheets encouraging students to ask their own questions. Each worksheets features a simple sentence next to related picture (example: "Deena and Rony Read a book at the Library on Wednesday morning" or "Yesterday the puppy followed the girl to school").
What's in the Backpack? File Folder Game Students listen to clues (rhyming poems) about an school-related object. When they guess the object the poem is about, they place it (a laminated cutout) into the backpack. Kids love this activity, especially since the backpack can open and close. Printable includes 10 rhyming poems and answer key, 10 school supply cutouts, template for creating a backpack, Gray outline showing where to place objects, and easy to follow assembly instructions. 
Read, Match, and Learn School Vocabulary 36 school-themed picture to text pairs, and 36 picture to picture matching pairs (text on top). All cards are 2.3" x 2.3" inches and feature original speech2teach clipart. Note: These cards are also sold separately here
• Worksheets to accompany the matching game including a respond to "wh questions about people, objects and place in school, matching printed word to picture, fill in the missing letter, and fill in the missing word. The worksheets contain word banks and picture clues.
Sort "WH" Words This template may be used as both cut and paste or file folder tasks. It includes color pictures and charts encouraging students to sort "who vs what" and "when vs where" 
Schoolhouse-shaped writing templates 6 school-shaped writing templates including blank, lined, as well as sentence starters "I can" "I see" "I like". 
"In my School" Cut and Paste red schoolhouse template with simple "wh" questions printed on the windows (ex. "what can you read?"). Also includes picture cards students use to answer. Blank board (fits proportionately behind school house so that students can glue items in the "windows"). 6 pictures of common items found in school (book, crayons, pencil, backpack, glue, and computer).
Activity description to accompany bulletin board Printed inside a red schoolhouse outline intended to accompany bulletin board display. 

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