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This isn't just a make-and-take book, it is a great tool for stimulating language and encouraging symbolic play. The book tells a simple story about a boy who gets ready to go to school. Nearly every page includes detachable items (clothes, shoes, backpack etc). The main character, Rony, is also detachable and can be moved from page to page. Kids will absolutely love helping Rony get ready for school (pretending to brush his teeth, putting milk in his cereal, finding his shoes and packing his backpack). Perfect for young learners because it contains a repetitive line and one simple illustration per page. Interactive, fun, and well worth the time it takes to make.

What's Included?
*23 page printable book
*"Rony" cutout
*Detachable items: pants, shirt, socks, shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, cereal bowl, milk, spoon, backpack, crayons, pencil, homework folder and lunchbox. 
*Cover (color or ink saving black and white)

Note: If you like this book, you may also enjoy Are You Ready Rony? It's Time to Play in the Snow.

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Are You Ready Rony? It's Time to Go to School
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