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If you work with pre-k and kindergarten children you will love this! In this printable book the main character (Rony) is detachable. He can be moved from page to page as he collects winter clothing and gets ready to play in the snow. The clothing items are detachable and can be placed directly onto the puppet. Students love watching the items come out of the book. They remain engaged and delighted as they help Rony get ready. This book is perfect for young learners because it contains a repetitive line and one simple illustration per page. Interactive, fun, and well worth the time it takes to laminate and add Velcro. Once you make it you will use it over and over again. 

What's Included?
Printable book.
Two versions of the cover page (color or ink-saving black and white)
"Rony" puppet
Detachable pieces: pants, shirt, socks, boots, coat, mittens hat and scarf.
Easy to follow instructions.


Note: If you like this book, you may also enjoy Are You Ready Rony? It's Time to Go to School.

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Are You Ready Rony? It's Time to Play in the Snow
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