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3 differentiated language-based activities in one handy file folder

1. Spring Picture Scene Puzzle: A spring picture scene with detachable components. 10 adorable cutouts can be matched to outlines on the picture scene. Items include: flower, kite, sun, red robin, soccer ball, watering can, seeds, leaf, butterfly, and bicycle.

2. Read & Match Spring Vocabulary: Detachable cutouts can be pulled off the picture scene and matched to printed word. Perfect for early reading comprehension and phonemic awareness activities.

3. Read & Infer Spring Poems: Ten short poems, each is about an item in the spring picture scene. The poems rhyme and are full of adjectives. Students will love guessing the topic of the poem and then pulling that item off the picture scene and placing it on the card. Also included is a scripted prompt to help support the skill of inferencing ("This poem is about_________. The clues are_______")

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Spring Word Fun File Folder
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