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Stop & Say L
Articulation Activity Mat

Follow the road to great speech! These activity mats, or speech streets, provide ample opportunities to practice target sound /l/ in all word positions.


What's Included?

•8 printable activity mats (4 color 4 BW) Each mat is sized for one printer sheet (8x11) each mat features a road and 10 or 11 illustrations of target words.

•L in initial position features target words: lemon, lemonade, leaf, ladybug, ladder, log, lollipop, Lego and lion.

•L in medial position features target words: helicopter, balloon, elephant, caterpillar, watermelon, salad, pillow, lollipop, dolphin, walrus, milk

•L in final position features target words: ball, squirrel, shell, castle, owl, pencil, apple, pool, bell, doll

•L blends (initial position) clown, butterfly, glue, pane, clock, glove, igloo, flip flop, sleep, slug and flower

How does it work? Encourage the student to play with a toy car on the activity mat. Model slow "ride" producing the sound in isolation on the white lines and stopping at each stop sign to say each target word (i.e. l...l..l...lemon)

Why does Stop & Say work? As students remain motivated and engaged, they are likely to put more effort into producing target sounds. In addition, the illustrations are child-friendly and the words are easy to comprehend. Students are likely to produce (or at least try to produce) words they can understand and relate to.

Some pages appear upside down on screen: They are designed that way because if you print 4 per page in landscape format, the 4 roads will connect to one another.


•Printable material only. Car not included. Don't have a toy car handy? no worries. Small items such as a penny, bingo chip or paper clip work just as well.

•Colors may vary depending on printer quality.

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