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Build A Scarecrow Build A Sentence File Folder Activity

Do you want to build a scarecrow? Sure. But what I would really like to do is work on early vocabulary, sentence expansion, and language comprehension skills. This file folder allows students to use a choice of cutouts to create their own scarecrow and then engage in a sentence building activity. Adding this activity to your tool box means more sessions that are fun and productive for everyone.


What's Included?

1.Build a Scarecrow File Folder:

•Picture scene scarecrow including head and eyes, in cornfield

•Cutouts 3 hats, 3 overalls, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 mouths (smile, frown, surprise), 3 noses (triangle, rectangle, oval).

•Template to place cutouts with Velcro for organization and easy access.

•“Weather Windows” Sunny, rainy, snowy. Kids will be able to “change the weather” by placing the laminated frames over their scarecrow scene.

•Labels for file folder.

2. Sentence building activity:

•Sentence Board includes 6 sentence frames one for each piece the student can place on the scarecrow.

•Corresponding symbols to select and “fill in the blank” (3 choices per sentence).

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