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Build A Snowman Build A Sentence File Folder Activity

Allow students to create their own snowman and elp them expand their utterances with a hands-on sentence-building task. This winter themed file folder allows you to engage kids in a variety of language enhancing activities. Targets include: requesting, labeling, social interaction, simple sentence construction and so much more.


What's Included?

  • Snowman template

  • A collection of manipulatives: hats, scarves, mittens, noses (rock and carrot), stick arms (long and short), 5 buttons, mouth shapes (happy, sad, surprised, serious).

  • Labels for file folder and label for envelope that stores sentence strips.

  • 9 sentence strips and corresponding symbols to "fill in the blank". Add the symbols to the back of each strip to create a double sided sentences. This allows students to scan and select the vocabulary they need.

  • Template for students to organize sentences.

  • Instructions for assembling the file folder.

This is a printable product. Plastic envelop, Velcro and lamination not included.

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