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Categories: Sorting, Naming, and Sentence Expansion File Folder

Categorizing activities support skills such as classifying, word-retrieval, and acquiring new vocabulary. They are also a foundation for sentence expansion. This file folder allows you to scaffold skills and foster independence from sorting through sentence writing.

What’ included?

  • Template for creating a sorting file folder featuring 12 categories with 5 items in each category. Categories include: animals, clothes, foods, furniture, occupations, places, sports, tools, toys, numbers, shapes and transportation.

  • 60 picture cutouts

  • 24 word cards with category names (12 with picture cues and 12 without)

  • Storage templates to help avoid fumbling or losing pieces

  • Word Bank with convenient tabs

  • Word Finding tool (attached to the back of the word bank for easy access).

  • Interactive Sentence Frames: These templates (attached together be a paper fastener or Velcro create a hands-on experience. Students enjoy attaching and detaching picture cards and transforming sentences from short and simple to complex.

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